Monday, 19 December 2011

Understanding the Significance of Business Intelligence Tools

Decisions drive organizations, and making a good decision at a critical moment leads to a more efficient operation, a more profitable enterprise. Business intelligence tools are instrumental to business success because it will aid a company in releasing the power of learning from the past, based on the data and information it provides. With business intelligence you can leverage your organization’s operating data, to gain a competitive advantage and to improve efficiency. It is a flexible resource that can work at various organizational levels and various times. Historical data when converted to information can in fact serve many valuable purposes to your business. In order to build a successful business you thus have to think of such data and information as an asset to your company. In recent times, the concept of business intelligence has gained huge significance in every organization.

Business Intelligence are absolutely key if you have even the slightest understanding of the potential that unlocking the value that is in your historical information can bring to your company or organization. Thinking of your information and data as one of your greatest assets is a start.  Business intelligence tools or bi reporting tools help you release the power of hindsight from your information, and turn it into cutting edge foresight. Business intelligence tools enable you to quickly see which products you ought to be promoting, in which markets and through what channels.

Business intelligence tools
, when combined with your operational data, enable you to:
  • Build profits by targeting profitable activities.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retain customers for life.
  • Increase proportion of high-value customers in your customer mix.
  • Deploy higher-yield promotions and advertising.
  • Predict future behavior of prospects and customers.

Key to developing high-performance business Intelligence solutions is the selection of the right tools and technologies. Adapting, learning and changing can come in the form of making changes to your products and services based on the market intelligence derived from the data and information. On the other hand, managing and controlling could come in the form of assessing the results of previous plans based on the new data and information. All of these are made possible with the effective use of business intelligence tools.

The right solution provider combines proprietary, open source software development and stand-alone technologies and advisory services and helps in developing and supporting robust, cost-effective business intelligence solutions. In order to get the most from business intelligence tools, you should be using them to adapt, learn, and change as well as to manage and control your organization.

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Friday, 2 December 2011

Software Product Development: From In-house to Outsourcing

A technological innovation that results in economic growth, business expansions and globalization occur as hardware innovations and development as well as software development. Software development, application development, software application development or enterprise application development, as it is commonly referred to is the development of a software product. Though the term is used to for the process of writing computer programs and maintaining the source code, in a broader sense, it includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software, through a planned and structured process.

Developed for a variety of purposes, Software product development includes the stages of research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, debugging, testing and maintenance, all of which result in a software product. Software can be either custom software for specific client or business, open source software for potential users. Embedded softwares are developed for integration into any physical product or activity.  Depending on the expanse of the software development cycle, organizations have also taken up near shore development services to facilitate the development process.  

However advanced the computer’s hardware and peripherals be, it relies almost entirely on the software for functionality and maintenance. The device driver is software that is installed on the computer to enable it to interact with the peripheral devices. Further, softwares are installed on computer systems to enable end users access. The software product development being a very innovative sector, there are a number of IT organizations that have forayed into software development.

The leaders in this sector develop computer software solutions for hardware and peripheral such as Networks, storage and value-added adapters, USB devices, Protocols, Operating systems and kernels, processor, Boot loaders, File system drivers and Printers and scanners.  The strong team of software professionals with their knowledge of embedded technologies and understanding of media processing, have earned credits for developing software solutions for all levels of the consumer electronics from Digital cameras, DVD to WiFi routers and android application services for mobile processors.

Irrespective of the industry sector, software product development has become a necessity. Be it the financial services, market which uses Business intelligence tools and dash boards for trading, investment planning and CRM applications or the Hospital industry’s Hospital information systems. With a wide range of organizational requirements, most organizations   prefer outsourcing the software development to teams conducting offshore development services. This not only ensures the client organizations innovative software based on cutting–edge technologies, but also provides home team to concentrate on more critical business issues.

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