Monday, 14 May 2012

Why Application Lifecycle Management is Imperative for Your Business

 With the ability to empower development-intensive companies to implement and enforce best practices across the organization, Application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions can make a big difference. Although it is an integral part of the lifecycle of any software application that helps the development team manage the processes, ALM is not really synonymous with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Application lifecycle Management improves instant communication and information-sharing among all key stakeholders. An application lifecycle management solution presents numerous remarkable advantages to all development-intensive businesses, like those that design, build, and sell software to customers and other third-parties. Businesses can boost productivity, cost-efficiency, and quality with application lifecycle management solutions in place. Application lifecycle management offers many dramatic benefits to all development-intensive businesses, such as those that design, build, and sell software to customers and other third-parties, or companies that assign in-house IT teams to develop proprietary software for internal use by employees.

The actual benefits can be enjoyed by both business owners and IT, only when ALM is executed correctly. Individual tools that are not integrated can get cumbersome and be far less economical to use. To ensure the best results, ALM tools need to be integrated with other tools within the organization. As they allow companies to quickly and efficiently design and build new software applications or enhance existing ones, application lifecycle management software systems offer the agility and flexibility needed to instantly respond to changing customer requirements. One of the main advantages of application lifecycle management is that teams can concentrate on existing business necessities, reduce rework, improve development processes, and make quicker, better decisions. This in turn leads to high-quality products that are delivered on time.

Investing in the right ALM solution can also empower product managers with the tools and technologies that are essentials to restructure the whole software product development process. A good Application Lifecycle management solution ensures end-to-end traceability between work items that begin from business requirements and extend all the way to final test execution results and release decision support.

Decide on an ALM solution that supports and encourages collaboration regardless of role, organization, or geographic location. A good service provider will have the industry expertise that allows companies to maximize their investment in employees, technologies, and other resources. They ensure that resource skills or capabilities are accurately matched to the requirements of each particular task, activity, or phase in the development lifecycle. This, in turn, can reduce development-related costs and increase efficiency.

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