Friday, 7 September 2012

Multiple Aspects of Android Software Development

Simply put, Android is a software suite that comprises operating systems including certain data, programs, and middleware and basic applications for the mobile phones. To explain elaborately, Android is Linux based mobile operating system, that includes Java library. It is by far the best mobile platform to operate simple and intricate applications. Hence this software development platform is the most preferred one amongst Android phones uses. The Android operating system is generally divided into four categories, such as:

·         Android 1.5
·         Android 1.6,
·         Android 2.0, 2.1
·         Android 2.2

The android software development market today is an open market for the application developers for fast publication of third party applications. Post the launch of this software in the market, it has evolved as a competition between esteemed mobile brands. Hence, the competition between mobile application development companies and android software developers have been increasing. It has been observed that Android happens to be the best platform for Smartphone users to establish their own required applications along with other free applications that are already present in the android application library.

Today eminent organizations and solution providers of android software development have expertise in product development services and has an in-depth understanding of the dynamic environment of Android applications. Their mobile technology spans across all the key mobile devices, platforms and operating systems. They work towards developing, designing, testing, implementing and assisting the enterprise and consumer applications for the following technologies:

Mobile Devices
·         iPad
·         iPhone
·         Motorola
·         LG
·         Samsung
·         Motorola
·         Microsoft
·         Nokia
·         BlackBerry
·         Sony Ericsson
Mobile Operating Systems and Platforms
·         Android
·         iOS J2ME
·         BREW
·         Windows Mobile
·         Palm
·         Symbian
·         BlackBerry

This apart, there are numerous offshore android development companies are taking proactive steps in order to deliver high-end applications to their clients and end users. The modern day Android user demands for applications such as:
·         Business and finance application
·         Game and fun application
·         Social Networking application
·         Entertainment application
·         Health and fitness application
·         Lifestyle application
·         Travel and tourism application
·         Internet application
·         Security application
·         Third-party application

The present day demands of mobile applications are ever changing with the advent of new technologies and mobile devices, such as Smart phones. Therefore, in order to remain significant in a market the android software developing companies needs to evolve constantly to suit the user’s altering digital expectations and keep them connected to their social and business networks.

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