Sunday, 30 December 2012

Reaping In The Benefits Of Mobile Application Developers

Over the past few years mobile computing has gained increased attention of the research community and has also made its way to the mainstream consumers and commercial industry through PDA’s and Smartphones. However, today more than ever these devices have the capacity to run standalone mobile applications and disseminate client-server applications that access data through a web gateway. This has further opened new channels for future mobile application and service development. For several years the mobile service development was generally monitored and managed by mobile network operators (MNO), content providers, phone manufacturers and other mobile application service providers.

In the recent past, this has changed with the advent of new mobile phones and platforms for instance iPhone.  Mobile app development has garnered greater interest amidst the independent developers. The ongoing development of hardware associated with mobile computing, for instance larger wireless network bandwidth, better computing power clearly improved capacities of mobile devices.

Mobile Application Development Focus Areas
Today companies specializing in  iphone application development have forayed into the mobile application landscape. These companies with their years of experience have profound knowledge and understanding of this vertical.

 Their focus areas include the following

· Location-Based Services (LBS)
·       Mobile Media Streaming
· Presence and Social Networking
· Messaging and Syncing
·       Mobile Advertising and Ad Engines
·       Mobile VoIP
·    Gaming

Services Offered By Mobile Application Development Companies

Modern day mobile application development companies havethe experience of working with top market players in the mobile landscape.

 Their innovative applications and support capacities can perform the following:

·         Setting up mobile applications in J2ME, BREW, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile and 
· Conceptualizing mobile applications and eliciting needs such as UI design, prototype, wireframes, user 
·         Designing, developing and QA testing applications
·         Porting mobile applications between devices and platforms
· Developing server-side and infrastructure, including for location and mapping services
· Incorporating third-party components on the server side such as SMS/MMS, billing, feeds, ads, content and 
so on                   
· Incorporating carrier, SMSC and billing systems such as LBS platform for location determination
· Coordinating with carriers and device manufacturers for mobile application testing and certification
· Distributing and launching mobile applications
·         Carrier catalogs and storefronts
·         Offers maintenance and product assistance services

Keeping in mind the modern day consumer demands today several mobile application developers have forayed into market with cost-efficient and secure applications that helps end users to navigatetheir mobile through useful applications.


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