Thursday, 14 March 2013

How to Choose An Enterprise Software Solution

Your enterprise software system is essentially a very important part of  your business. With the  introduction of cloud and mobility technologies into enterprise software there is a considerable  increase in  productivity for businesses. Enterprises can quickly access new products without building the underlying infrastructure or deploying costly in-house solutions.

Choosing an enterprise software solution may appear to be a difficult process, but done right, it can open unlimited business opportunities. The selection process should aim to identify a product that will provide easy to use functionality, efficient business processes, will have management approval, user acceptance and a positive return on investment . It is estimated that almost 90% of Enterprise Software implementations run over time and budget, usually due to poor planning and the underestimation of time and resources.

The software selection should be in the following steps
  • Ascertain your needs and available solutions
Understand and prioritize your needs, after which you can identify a suitable market solution that will match your needs. Outline your needs to prospective suppliers in order to receive in return their offering under the form of a proposal.
  • Assess your options and alternatives
Assess your alternatives against your requirements by assigning for each a criterion.Analyze, compare, and challenge alternatives with mathematical to help you make the final decision.
  • Contact similar companies
Contact similar companies that use the software being considered and it is worth obtaining informal “off the record” references as these will not have been selected by the vendor. Ensure that references are obtained from organizations in the same or a similar industry in the business who will have similar business processes.
  • Select the solution best matching your needs
Rank alternatives based on their ratio of the adequacy of the decision model. Select, finally, the alternative offering the best value at the lowest cost.

When implementing a new software system it is not simply a question of buying a new system but also establishing a partnership with the software vendor and a good working relationship is vital for success. Choose a solution provider with a user experience that matches your business, and you can settle on a simpler solution that only contains the features that your organization needs. The solution provider must be capable of creating enterprise software products that increase productivity and accelerate data availability. From SaaS-based CRM and ERP apps that provide remote access to infinitely scalable information,  choose a service provider with efficient product r&d services who can create products  that make businesses run better.
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