Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Develop Engaging Content and Target Audience with Content Engineering

Wikipedia defines content engineering as “a term applied to an engineering specialty dealing with the issues around the use of content in computer-facilitated environments.”Content production,content management, content modeling, content conversion, and content use and repurposing are some of the areas that come under its purview. Content engineering got recognition as a necessary function only very recently that too with the realization that producing content for the content’s sake is not at all effective in garnering customer attention.

The advent of the Internet and innovative technologies has resulted in the creation of exponential volume of data, which is continuously growing and expanding. Research shows that as of 2012 every day 2.5quintillion (2.5×1018) bytes of data were created. Enterprises were mass-producing content with the aim to appear higher in search results and to expand their reach online,. Though contents were flooding the social web, the fact of the matter was that only a very few were hitting the bull’s eye.

In a recent survey conducted by MarketingProfs to understand the B2B content marketing arena, it was found that content marketing remains a top priority for marketers going into 2013. Here are some survey excerpts.

· 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing
·         B2B marketers use an average of 12 content marketing tactics
·         11% of B2B companies use over 20 different content marketing tactics
·         Companies with 10,000 or more employees use an average of 18 tactics
·         54% of B2B marketers will increase their spend on content marketing over the next 12 months

Since today, most of the marketing techniques are inbound in nature, only those contents that meet the interests of the target audience have any relevance.Hence, the most important content marketing challenge is developing engaging content. This calls for the services of specialists who can tailor content as per the requirements.The content engineers produce content after listening to the customers through all the newly available media. This helps them to get the attention of the audience.

Hence, enterprise software solutions looking for effective content management solutions must collaborate with best of the breed content engineers who have experience in transforming data into knowledge and in producing high-value,content-centric products and services.Here is a look at some of the CMS solutions offered by a best of the breed solution provider.

· Content digitization & creation
·         Language translation
·         Review for correctness, completeness, formatting
·         Structuring & categorization
·         Moderation of social/collaborative content
·         Reporting, metrics & analytics

Thus, with the help of content engineers,enterprises can organize raw data into structured information, add analytics to produce knowledge thereby allowing consumer and enterprise end-users to focus on informed decision-making.

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