Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Making Outsourced Product Development a Success

With almost every company wanting to produce quality product faster and cheaper than their competitors, outsourced product development is the answer. Outsourced Product Development (OPD) has become an integral part of Software Product Engineering for more a while. OPD business has high potential as well as challenges and is a target market for those companies who want to manage their lifecycle as a solution to a demand. A large percentage of companies are already utilizing outsourced product development or considering doing it soon. Outsourced product development advisory services focus on the routine mechanics like selecting a country, selecting a provider, drawing up appropriate legal documents, monitoring, benchmarking performance, etc. Although these steps are vital and necessary in outsourced product development, they are certainly not sufficient to guarantee its success.

How to make your outsourced product development a success
Ensuring the success of any outsourced product development is possible when the goals and the capabilities of the partner are understood. The first step to ensure compatibility is to understand what your short and long term goals are. Once these are agreed upon, the next thing is to select the development partner who will help you meet those goals.
Although often neglected, communication is of vital importance. It is therefore essential to focus considerable effort on the quality interaction with the vendor. The outsourced product development partner must fundamentally be able to communicate clearly and articulately, through both written and verbal means.

It is also a good idea to look for companies with the specialized expertise and experience that your project requires in computer software solutions. Similarly, make certain that they have the necessary resources such computer software solutions and project-management tools. It is of course risky to hire companies without the proper software licenses and other infrastructure. Ensure outsourcing partners have the financial resources and history that make you comfortable in conducting business with them.

As product development is complex and unpredictable, it is necessary to be realistic. Activities like supplier delivery times, etc. cannot be directly controlled, it is therefore not reasonable to expect an outsourced service to control them any better than you can.
By outsourcing Product R& D Services, companies are able to shorten time-to-market, increase number of releases, obtain additional expertise and put together additional resources. Choosing the right outsourcing partner will lead you on the road to success by reducing development costs and above all boost bottom lines by focusing on new competencies.

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