Sunday, 4 November 2012

eCommerce Solutions to expand Retails through Online Channels

The eCommerce markets have come a long way and today it is more than just the simple B2C and B2B shopping portals. The explosive growth of Internet accessibility and the widespread adoption of social networking have changed the eCommerce scene for good. In the traditional online shopping model, the customers were silent participants. However, in the new shopping model, the consumers actively participate in the marketing and selling of products. Hence, the global eCommerce market is growing steadily with Goldman Sachs predicting a growth rate of 19.4% by the end of 2013. As per Goldman’ latest reports, the U.S. market will witness the growth rate of 12.4% during the next three years to reach $235.3 billion in online retail sales. According to Imran Khan, the managing director of Goldman Sachs, “E-commerce is benefiting from several positive trends, including the continued roll-out of broadband, increasing user comfort shopping online and the decline of certain brick-and-mortar retailers.”

Besides social media and social networking, the advancement of mobile application technologies has also brought a new channel to the retail sector. This is because the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile applications has allowed customers to shop directly from their phones. With eCommerce becoming the next frontier in global expansion, there is increased competition in the eCommerce market. Hence, a great customer experience becomes the key to gain a competitive edge in the growing eCommerce markets.

Today the eCommerce arena comprises of online, social, & mobile commerce, web portals for specialized services, and interactive advertising, to name a few. Therefore, to ensure increased customer experience, there is the need of a sharp user interface, secure data management, a solid POS, rapid performance and the ability to handle large amounts of traffic. Hence, enterprises must collaborate with product development services expert who can provide eCommerce software product development services that are fast, reliable, and cost-effective. Here is a look at some of the eCommerce solutions that they provide.

·         Online storefronts, catalogs and shopping carts
·         Web-based administration products for managing inventory, coupon codes and gift certificates
·         Point of sales (POS) and payment processing solutions
·         Web portals for travel, ticketing and event management
·         Online auction engines based on open source libraries
·         Websites optimized for user content generation
·         Location-based shopping services for mobile phones
·         Robust, scalable platforms for digital content delivery
·         Next-generation ad servers

Though today eCommerce sales are skyrocketing, there is the need of innovative eCommerce solutions to gain maximum advantage. Hence, enterprises must collaborate with reliable eCommerce solution providers to expand retails through online channels.

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