Monday, 22 October 2012

Services Offered By Product Engineering Solutions

Product engineering can defined as the process of developing and designing a system, assembly, or device in such a way that it can be offered as a sale item with the help of any product manufacturing process. The procedure usually comprises activities such as:

·         Issues pertaining to expenses
·         Quality
·         Producibility
·         Performance
·         Serviceability
·         Consistency

These are some of the crucial product features that are usually sought in order to ensure that the final product is useful and adds value to an organization and its overall productivity. It comprises of development, design and transitioning as well as manufacturing of products.

Core Aspects of Product Engineering
The term product engineering mainly refers to the design and development of software, electronic and mechanical products and their components. For instance, an electronic good like a digital camera would comprising the following aspects:

·         The set of features to be included
·         The chosen design for the optics
·         The ergonomic and mechanical design of packaging
·         Development of the electronics that monitor multiple components
·         Developing the software that enables the end users to store pictures in memory, view them, transfer it to their computing devices and many more

Post the initial designing and development is over, the phase where the product is transitioned to manufacture the same in volumes is taken to be a major part of product engineering.

Industry Solutions For Product Engineering
Today leading service providers of product lifecycle management has come up with efficient product engineering solutions. Infact, these companies have dedicated and fully equipped labs that helps them to take complete accountability of one or more R&D functions. This helps the consumers and end users to concentrate more on their engineering and business activities.

In addition to this, eminent solution providers have their offshore product engineering lab locations established in multiple locations that includes places like Argentina, China, India, Ukraine and many more. This allows their clients to choose a location according to their requirement and choice.  This apart, for companies who have their own captive product engineering labs that are not successfully fulfilling the ROI targets, these solution providers provide captive transfer services. In this case, the solution provider takes complete charge of the lab and continues to assist the company’s specific product support and engineering requirements resorting to an offshore engineering lab engagement model.

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